Drill Pipe Handling System

With HARDAB drill rigs you get something different, something you can not get anywhere else.

The HARDAB patented rod handling system, an easy but robust and popular system. The system is revolutionary simple and fast but nevertheless, extremely reliable. Never lift another drill rod, get HARDAB Rod Handling System only on HARDAB Drill Rigs.

This is Drill Rigs, This is Built Your Way.

At HARDAB, we continuously innovate in order to make drill rigs better and safer.
Every drilling rig, every idea, and every innovation is the result of a clear vision  to put the driller at the heart of everything we do. To value the operator as an individual, and to develop everything first and foremost throughhumancentric lens. It’s a vision that has always driven us from the start and will continue to push us into the future.
Scandinavian design from HARDAB including mechanicalhydraulic, and electrical design combined with a reliable power solution to improve your drilling operations. Great technology makes drilling less complicated and keeps you on top of your game.
The latest power solutions provide responsive power with classleading efficiency. And our enhancesafety innovations are always there to support you, helping to prevent injuries. Making every operation faster and safer
We understand what’s important to people. It forms the basis of all the innovations we create.Innovations that make faster drilling rigs but never ever lessening on the standard we put on safetyAt HARDAB we build our drill rigs your way.

This is always with HARDAB

World Class Parts

With HARDAB, you get genuine parts from manufacturers such as Perkins, Parker Hannifin, and HARDAB considerably reducing the risk of a production breakdown, which would not only be very costly but could also endanger your product quality and profit margins. In short, genuine parts offer optimal performance for your drill rig and on a HARDAB you never find anything fake.

The Family

With HARDAB, you get a family. We work with the values being a family company brings, the values traditionally upheld and transmitted within a family: honesty, commitment, safety, and financial stability. Learn more about us here.

Super Support

With HARDAB, you get service programs that include a service department staffed by fully trained service technicians that know everything about your drill rig responding to you all day, all year in English, Swedish and French thru our resellers in Canada and France.

Driven Like You Want

With HARDAB, you get rigs that are mounted on steel tracks or rubberized steel tracks. Always driven hydraulically, and radio remote operated. You can also get the rig on a wheeled carrier or on a truck

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