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The HARDAB 10K RC has the HARDAB patented pipe handling system with a dump pipe basket incorporated onto the carrier.

Reverse-Circulation (RC) drilling is used to collect mineral and rock samples quickly and efficiently using a large rotary drill and air compressor. The high speed and lower cost per meter of RC drilling make it ideal for obtaining mineral samples in the early phases of an exploration project or in outer-diameter coring diamond drilling.

 The Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs from HARDAB can be mounted on steel track, rubberized steel tracks or a wheeled carrier is driven hydraulically, and radio remote operated.

Our Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs has an efficient hydraulic pipe handling system with a dump pipe basket (201 m / 670 ft capacity of 3.0” rods) incorporated onto the carrier

The high gear ratio rotation head provides a great torque at 90 rpm. Really effective for Down-the–hole or Rotary Tricone drilling.

4 m / 13 ft stroke drilling mast for 10′ rods.

The rig has a foot-clamp with pipe wrench for holding and breaking drill string

The 10K RC have seven (7) hydraulic oil filters including a water-absorbing filter to clean the hydraulic oil.

High-quality hydraulic components from manufacturers such as Parker and experienced engineers plus adequate spare parts ready to provide you with the best support ever.

  • Cyclone rubber cone optional.
  • Rotating cyclone optional.
  • Dust control system optional.
  • 2-speed track optional.
  • Extension mast for 6m ( 20 ft.) rods optional.

Rod Outside Diameter/Depth
RC (100mm (4″) Rods)…. 150 m (500 ft)

Model: PERKINS Turbocharged Diesel
Cooling: Water cooled
Displacement: 6 cylinder
Power: 125 kw / 170 hp @ 2,200 rpm


Cooling: Air cooled
Working Pressure: 26 MPa / 3,700 psi

Max Torque: 8.100 nm (6,025 ft-lb)
Max Inside Diameter: 98 mm (3 7/8″)
2-speed Gear Box – 0-1,200 rpm

Pulling Force: 600 kg (1,300 lbs) (bare drum)

Welder: Gen. 210 Amp


Length: 6.25 m (20.5 ft)
Drilling angle: 45-90 degrees
Max Push: 3.500 kg (7,500 lbs)
Max Pull: 10.000 kg (22,046 lbs)
Feed Stroke Length: 4 m (13 ft)

Type: Triplex CAT pump
Max Output Volume: 30 lpm (6.6 gpm)
Pressure: 3.5 MPa / 500 psi


Drill Pipe Handling System

Drill rig operators is a profession that often suffer from work-related injuries since they have to handle a great amount of drill pipe every day.

To avoid these injuries all HARDAB machines are equipped with an easy to use and robust drill pipe handling system without electronic sensors. This results in a time efficient machine, the HARDAB 5000 H handles 201 meters of drill pipes in 20-34 minutes