The HARDAB 5000 H offers the perfect combination of power and speed to handle a higher capacity in any application. Powered by Perkins’s Tier 3B Flex, the heavy-duty 5000 H ensure an extremely responsive operation for maximum productivity and profitability.

HARDAB 5000 H comes with 4280 Nm in rotary head torque, up to 110 rotations per minute in rotary head speed. The 25 kN feed force and lastly 50 kN pull force give you the force to be productive and successful.


HARDAB Rod Handling System

The HARDAB Patented Rod Handling System is on of the safest and most efficient systems on the market. Rods are simply loaded by tilting the basket until a rod falls in the arm and the claws close. The last thing is just a simple motion upwards and you are ready for drilling. With HARDAB Rod Handling System it is that easy.

HARDAB Top Drives

HARDAB manufactures hydraulic top drives for surface drilling rigs with down-the-hole hammer. HARDAB top drives come in various sizes with rotary head torque from 4995 Nm to 8730 Nm.

Movable Control Panel

When it comes to the control panel you want highest levels of quality and comfort. The HARDAB Moveable Control Panel is moveable sideways as well as up and down ensuring that you always have a comfortable workplace.

The Mindset



With the Swedish mindset on Safety displayed by Volvo Cars among others. HARDAB is proud to follow the lead in its industry. Everything we build starts with the safety of the operator in mind. Like putting the drill rods inside of the machines, greatly reducing the risk of injury.



Forged from the steel of Swedish ore. HARDAB drill rigs have been to the harshest places on earth – from the dazzling savanna in Burkina Faso to minus 50 degrees celsius in the North Pole. We bet our selection of rigs meets your demand for performance and reliability. HARDAB is built to last.



I’ll buy an HARDAB or put the company out of business is something we hear a lot. It has to do with what we have to offer when it comes to comfort. With HARDAB you don’t need to lift drill rods. With HARDAB the maneuver table is adjustable in four directions for full control. And we are just getting started.



Function Value
Rotary Head Torque 4280 Nm
Rotary Head Speed 0 – 110 RPM
Diesel Engine Power 74 kW
Total Length 4800 mm
Total Width 2270 mm
Total Height 2500 mm
Weight Including Drill pipes 8900 kg
Drill Pipe Storage (3 Meters) 201 meters or 67 pcs
Quick Feed 0,7 m/s
Feed Force 25 kN
Pull Force 50 kN
Max Total Hydraulic Oil Flow 340 L/min

1st Optional: Rotary Head Torque: 6345 Nm and Rotary Head Speed 110 RPM

2nd Optional: Maximum Rotary Head Torque: 7920 Nm and Maximum Rotary Head Speed 110 RPM

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