Whether it be systems that may lengthen life quality for our users, electronic systems for controlling and monitoring our products or features that transform the rigs for better productivity, HARDAB is constantly focused on developing for the future.

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Drill Pipe Handling Arm

Why is it good to have a pipe handling system? Well, Let’s make some calculations.

We say that we have to drill 198 meters, that divided by 3 ( we use 3-meter drill pipes) is 66 pcs of drill pipe.

66 pcs of drill pipe weight 1584 kg (1 pcs=24 kg), but that is not enough we have to pick them up from the drill hole too, that is a further 1584 kg and a total of 3168 kg of pipes for every hole.

So you could say some drillers lift over 3000 kg of drill pipes per day without knowing it.  In a year it is even more frightening, in 47 weeks (some weeks we rest) it´s 47*12 672 kg = 595 584 kg in total lifted by the rig operator!

That is more than eight space shuttle Atlantis. Lifting a space shuttle is not too good even if it´s spread out over a year, it might be possible but it will harm your body and you may get serious back injuries, our advice if you want to avoid these injuries, get an HARDAB drill rig with our patented pipe handling system.

NES Electronic Control Systems

Our NES is a unique, totally electronic approach that replaces mechanical and electromechanical systems for controlling and monitoring hydraulics in HARDAB Drill Rigs. With the NES System you get info about RPM, meter/feet drilled and more right at your fingertips.

That’s not the only thing, if your drill rig breaks down, HARDAB can assist you with information gather thru the NES right from our Offices in Sweden, cheaper and faster than on-site support.

Electronic Control Systems

Extend/Shorten Drill Pipe Basket

Extend drill pipe basket for use with 6-meter pipe basket and shorten drill pipe basket for better and safer transport.