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About us

HARDAB was founded in 1982 by Tage Sjöberg and his son Bo Sjöberg. The company started out by making parts for the paper mill industry and bush cutting machines. But in 1996 the company acquired UNEX DRILL, a company making drill pipes and subs. Soon Bo saw that the machines that used his new products weren’t built for the driller, there was no pipe/rod handling system on the rigs made with the person in mind so he constructed and patented a revolutionary pipe handling solution and built a drill rig. HARDAB has since earned a global reputation for its industry-leading design, innovative engineering and fuel-efficient solutions.

With our drill rigs for auger drilling, mineral exploration drilling, open pit/blasting, water well and geothermal energy all with our patented pipe handling system and other great features, service provided in the languages English, Spanish, French and Swedish and a network of independent resellers, HARDAB continues its legacy of making drill rigs that are BUILT YOUR WAY™

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