Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs

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Minerals is in everything we do, they are the ingredients in almost all of the products we use from fertilizer to plastics, from toothpaste to kitty litter, from knives to plates. They are the nutrients that exist in the body, and are as essential as our need for oxygen to sustain life.
Minerals Drive Our World, HARDAB Drive Your Business.


Reverse-Circulation (RC) drilling is used to collect mineral and rock samples quickly and efficiently using a large rotary drill and air compressor. The high speed and lower cost per meter of RC drilling make it ideal for obtaining mineral samples in the early phases of an exploration project or in outer-diameter coring diamond drilling.

 The Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs from HARDAB can be mounted on steel track, rubberized steel tracks or a wheeled carrier is driven hydraulically, and radio remote operated.

Our Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs has an efficient hydraulic pipe handling system with a dump pipe basket (201 m / 670 ft capacity of 3.0” rods) incorporated onto the carrier

Selection of Options available:

  • Cyclone rubber cone optional.
  • Rotating cyclone optional.
  • Dust control system optional.
  • 2-speed track optional.
  • Extension mast for 6m ( 20 ft.) rods optional
yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 - Reverse Circulation Drilling Rigs