Rod Handling System

The HARDAB Patented Rod Handling System is one of the safest and most efficient systems on the market. Rods are simply loaded by tilting the basket until a rod falls in the arm and the claws close. The last thing is just a simple motion upwards and you are ready for drilling. With HARDAB Rod Handling System it is that easy. #LoadWithEase


Let’s make some calculations on a general DTH drilling operation in Sweden.

Let us say that we have to drill 198 meters, that divided by 3 (we use 3-meter rods) is 66 pieces of rods.

66 pieces of rods weight 1584 kg (1 piece=24 kg), but after getting the rods in the hole we have to pick them up too, that is an additional 1584 kgs and a total of 3168 kgs of rods lifted for every hole.

Consequently, you could say some drillers lift over 3000 kgs or even more per day without knowing it. In a week with 4 holes drilled that rises to the immense amount of 12 672 kgs. In a year it is even more hair-raising, in 47 weeks (some weeks we go on vacation) it is 47*12 672 kg = 595 584 kg in total lifted by the rig operator.


595 584 kgs are more than eight space shuttle Atlantis.

Lifting a space shuttle is not a sound idea even if spread out over a year, it is obtainable and many times a day drill rig operators do this. But regardless of how cool or how much training you get at work, it will harm your body over time and serious back injuries may be sustained. Our sincerest advice, if you want to avoid these injuries and have a great retirement, is to get an HARDAB drill rig with our rod handling system.


(Atlantis Space Shuttle)


HARDAB Rod Handling System is one of the most trusted rod handling assistance systems available.

The system is hydraulic without unnecessary relays and electronic components. You can get it automatic where you only click a button to start the system or manual meaning the use of levers.

The rod is put in the arm by tilting the basket until one pipe is loaded in the claw. The next thing is just a simple movement upwards and the rod is placed.


Lifting rods could cause a number of injuries and conditions, one of them is Sciatica.

Sciatica is presumably caused by work that requires repetitive lifting like drilling rig operators lifting rods, sudden strain in lifting a heavy object like drilling equipment, or constant exposure to mechanical vibrations, for example, being in a car or the truck transporting your rig for an extended amount of time.

What happens when you get Sciatica is debated but most experts blame slipped or herniated, disks for irritating the sciatic nerve. Disks are the fibrous padding between the vertebrae; when a disk “slips,” or herniates, it bulges and can press on the sciatic nerve. Other researchers blame the piriformis muscle in the buttocks—the muscle that allows you to lift your leg sideways. If inflamed by injury or overexertion, the piriformis muscle can press against the sciatic nerve.

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